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Bienvenue chez « MANGER SANS GÊNE » , your online sales site specializing in the sale of gluten-free and allergen-free foods , come also to find all our products without gluten, without milk, without egg, without soy, without peanut, without nuts in our store "Eat without embarrassment" in Aubagne.

Eating without embarrassment is eating without gluten, without milk, without eggs ... without these allergens that complicate your life. That's why to eat without, we have selected more than 70 brands specializing in gluten-free products such as Schar, Recipes Celiane, Nature and Company, Valpiform, Glutabye but also less known such as Proceli, Schnitzer, Gullon or still Biscuiterie de Provence. Many of our products are certified gluten-free, and others are "naturally gluten-free" but whether you are gluten intolerant, suffering from celiac disease or follower of the diet of Dr. Seignalet, you will find here your happiness.
A wide and varied range of foods and products without gluten, without milk, without egg, without soya, waiting for you.

Choose your products without allergen using the search switch made available in the "I eat ...", choose eg gluten-free foods that are also without milk and egg, gluten-free and certified organic ...
Good visit.

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